Exploration Travel Myanmar is expanding, and you will read all about it in this newsletter. Just as in Myanmar, it’s our mission to inspire you with our love for this part of Asia, with occasional quirky travel experiences, in a sustainable and respectful way, leaving a positive impact and a smile on everybody’s face.

Exploration Travel is opening up in Thailand

Yes, you read this correctly…… we opened an office in Thailand, as many of our existing partners worldwide were asking us to find ways to travel as we do in Myanmar and go off the beaten path in Thailand for un-staged experiences.

Some of the lesser-known areas we visit are the Burma border lands around Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son, the Lanna kingdoms of Lampang and Nan, Chiang Khan on the Mekong River banks and parts of forgotten Isaan, Chanthaburi and the beautiful islands Koh Kood and Koh Mak, Kui Buri and other wildlife hotspots southwest of Bangkok, Sukhothai and surroundings and Koh Phra Thong and the upcoming beaches near Khanom – just to name a few.

Who is behind Exploration Travel?

General Manager for Exploration Travel Thailand is Stefan Scheerer, for many agents no stranger as he worked for several years in Myanmar; a short bio to refresh your mind:

Both Stefan and Edwin are looking forward to creating something new. Exciting and fun trips to Thailand for your clients – there is still so much to explore!

Travelling to Myanmar at the moment

In the March newsletter I send an update on where it’s possible to visit Myanmar for considerate travellers. Since then, fortunately the compulsory Myanmar health insurance has been scrapped.

We recently had some overseas clients visiting Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Ngapali. We did explain clients that we expected some flexibility and that we won’t sanction guides, drivers etc from speaking out about the situation. Clients loved the visits and wrote back: “we enjoyed 300% and I am very glad we dared to come to Myanmar as we didn’t feel unsafe for a second”. Having said that, I do think that visiting Myanmar only makes sense if clients have a reason to visit now and I don’t expect any agent to actively promote the destination.

What to watch, listen or read

I am very excited about the opening of Exploration Travel Thailand and do hope to get your support so we can show your clients the very best of Thailand, just as we’ve done this for many years in Myanmar.

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Edwin Briels and his team have been creating experiences for travellers for over 20 years. Edwin Briels continuously finds new paths to travel and new experiences to show clients the story of Myanmar and Thailand and engages you in a fascinating journey through this part of Asia with the most fascinating stories. 

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