Exploration Travel Sustainability

Making a positive impact on People & Planet in Myanmar and Thailand

It’s extremely important to us that everything we do as a company does have a positive impact on People & Planet in Myanmar and Thailand. This includes but is not limited to limiting the use of plastic, ensuring suppliers & staff are paid fairly and in time, respecting local culture, law, customs & practice. If in any way, the behaviour of a traveller or the operation of a tour somehow damages the impact on People & Planet, Exploration Travel reserves the right to cancel a part or the full tour and replace it with another experience. 

Together with our clients we support many different projects all around the country. Do get in touch if you want to help.


Helping Myanmar ! Buy food for a month for a family

People in Myanmar have to deal with Covid-19 as well as the coup d’état and many have lost their income. 

Exploration Travel has started a campaign to offer food for poor families around the country. Just 100 Euro is enough to feed a small family of four for a month. We will send you a picture of the family that has received your donation.