Myanmar is quite unlike any other Asian country. Of course the country offers fascinating culture, stunning landscapes, unspoiled beaches, an intriguing history and fantastic food. Though what makes the country so special is the genuine friendliness of the people.

Exploration Travel Myanmar specialise in creating “wow”-experiences and get away from the well-trodden paths, also when visiting some of the country’s highlights. We let you taste the dishes that are not on the tourist menu, meet the communities that are not mentioned in a guide book and turn left where the crowds go right. 

Our aim is to ensure your trip in Myanmar is a meaningful and fun experience.

There isn’t a word for “tourist” in Myanmar language; there is only a word for “guest”

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Tailor-made experiential travel

It’s is not about the most expensive hotel suite; it’s about the precious memories you take with you.

Adventure & off the beaten track travel

Nothing is too remote for the true adventurer who isn’t afraid for a bit of a road trip, yet can also can find off the beaten track places right next door.

Film Fixing

From BBC’s Top Gear to Discovery Channel & Netflix and from travel documentaries to reality TV shows; we’re here to help you documenting the many untold stories of Myanmar!

Travel Highlight

Experience Myanmar in a new light with breathtaking sceneries and experiences. Meet and see the culture and architecture with us.

Media and Testimonials

Tucked away at the northern-most reaches of Myanmar is Mount Hkakaborazi which, a height of 5881 meters, is the country’s (and Southeast Asia’s) highest peak. Puta-O is the nearest major town, and that is a 3-week trek away. Travellers need to walk through some very dense and challenging …


Sustainability comes from the heart of Exploration Travel and everything we do should support People and Planet in Myanmar. It’s not just what we say; it’s what we believe and there for the first article in our terms & conditions is about sustainability:  

An update from Myanmar….

Let’s start with some good news; according to the Charities Aid Foundation, Myanmar scored high again (no 2!) in the World Giving Index. 

Another Update From Myanmar

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A fresh start of the year and I am sure this is going to be a more positive year for the world-wide travel industry. Time for an update on what’s happening in Myanmar. 


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