Mandalay highlights

the must-do’s

A day cruise on the Ayeyarwaddy River

Feel the breeze of the river and imagine how it must have been to arrive by boat in Sagaing, Mingun or at the court of Ava. The Ayeyarwaddy River is the longest and most important river in Myanmar and the part near Mandalay is the most interesting one.

the must-do`s

Ancient Inwa and Amarapura hidden neighborhoods by bike

Biking through the rural village Inwa, an ancient capital city and go off the beaten track, an easy 20 km ride with plenty of stops and amazing picture opportunities in front of ancient temple ruins, tree shaded lanes and rural communities showing their crafts. Explore Amarapura’s hidden neighborhoods and end you trip with a view on the iconic U Bein Bridge 

Mandalay Orientation: Mahamuni & Amarapura

The perfect introduction to classic Mandalay. We start with the Mahamuni pagoda, a very lively compound where men are sticking gold leaves to the Buddha statue. The Mahamuni is also an excellent place to shop around for the perfect Buddha statue (bronze or wood). The old capital of Amarapura is a quiet village where you hear the sound of the weaving machines. We walk through the famous Mahagandayon monastery complex with hundreds of monks, visit a 100 year old weaving vocational training institution and walk over U-Bein Bridge.

The Royal history of Mandalay

King Thibaw and Queen Supayalat were the last king and queen of Burma until being sent to exile in India. Visit the places that were important for the royal family, donated by the family and the workshops the religious artefacts and handicrafts made (nope, it’s not a touristy shopping tour; that’s not what we do!). We finish the excursion with a lunch of traditional Mandalay curries, like the king would have them served. 

Mandalay classic monuments

During this half day tour we will take you to the most famous monuments of Mandalay starting with the top of Mandalay hill for a great view over the Mandalay fort. We continue to Atumashi and the Shwenandaw monasteries which are excellent examples of the architecture and crafts work of this region and we end with a visit to Kuthodaw Pagoda with the white marble slabs. 

Mandalay’s night market, beer and barbecue stations

A fun tour to get to know the real Mandalay, including markets, traditional snacks and a beer station. Return to the hotel by an iconic and fun Tuk Tuk.

The temple ruins of Paleik

Many of the temple ruins of Paleik are over 200 years old and a “secret place” with a charming nearby village – an ideal stop on the way to or from the airport.

Mandalay Markets & Fine Food

Mandalay is known for its food and interesting market showcasing food from all around the country. There will be no temples or pagodas for you but food and markets.

Mandalay Morning Ride

A fantastic tour just outside the city operated by Grasshopper Adventures a small specialised biking company to explore lively neighbourhoods the daily rituals that have remained unchanged for decades.

Scenic way from Mandalay to Bagan

A full day excursion to explore more of the country side including a visit to the Burmese star tortoise in the wildlife sanctuary, hidden temples and a fantastic boat ride over the Ayeyarwaddy River to arrive in Bagan in a fun and relaxing way..