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Why we love Thailand? It’s the gentleness of daily life that ensures everybody finds their own path to explore, it’s the “sanuk” way of life, meaning that having fun is important in any life situation. Maybe the fascination with local aesthetics, the eternal love of Thais to ensure things look pretty and the food is full of flavours. Thai people have a variety of ethnical backgrounds, traditions and cultures.

The country offers some of the world’s best beaches and has plenty of well managed national parks. A long farmer’s influence results in green paddy fields and many other colourful crops, while the mountainous areas ensure stunning vistas. The capital city is such a diverse metropolis, intriguing and constantly reinventing itself.

Let us take you on a trip through a Thailand you haven’t experienced before.

Let us take you on a trip through a Thailand you haven’t experienced before.

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Tailor-made experiential travel

It’s is not about the most expensive hotel suite; it’s about the precious memories you take with you.

Adventure & off the beaten track travel

Nothing is too remote for the true adventurer who isn’t afraid for a bit of a road trip, yet can also can find off the beaten track places right next door.

Travel Highlight

Experience Thailand’s secondary destinations and make them the new highlights of your trip

Media and Testimonials

Tucked away at the northern-most reaches of Myanmar is Mount Hkakaborazi which, a height of 5881 meters, is the country’s (and Southeast Asia’s) highest peak. Puta-O is the nearest major town, and that is a 3-week trek away. Travellers need to walk through some very dense and challenging …


Sustainability comes from the heart of Exploration Travel and everything we do should support People and Planet in Myanmar. It’s not just what we say; it’s what we believe and there for the first article in our terms & conditions is about sustainability:  

An update from Myanmar….

Let’s start with some good news; according to the Charities Aid Foundation, Myanmar scored high again (no 2!) in the World Giving Index. 

Another Update From Myanmar

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A fresh start of the year and I am sure this is going to be a more positive year for the world-wide travel industry. Time for an update on what’s happening in Myanmar. 


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