Bangkok highlights

Get to know the traditional and the modern Bangkok, away from the tourist crowds and the usual tourist spots.


Walking through old town Bangkok

A fascinating evening (or morning) walk through the unique and well-preserved part of old town. Some of the oldest Bangkok neighbourhoods have been occupied since the early days by entrepreneurial Chinese migrants that typically build shophouses; the family was living upstairs while the shop downstairs was meant to do trading. Your guide will take your through this interesting part of town and stops regularly to let you taste some of the local specialities.


Bangkok rivers, orchards and a reclining Buddha with a royal influence

Explore the old orchards, ways of life and food in the network of canals passing through Bangkok. Discover the blue print of the famous reclining Buddha and find out where some of the palace architectures found their inspiration. The trip is partly on foot, partly by boats and ends with an excellent lunch of noodles as they were served to one of the kings of Thailand.

Modern Bangkok by night

In the evening your guide takes you for a night out discovering the legacy of Bangkok’s sex, drugs and rock and roll status. Discover the modern skyscrapers, vibrant street art, the very modern public transport, solar powered tuk-tuks and of course a lot of Thai street food to taste.

Exploring Bangkok’s Chinatown and the riverside area on bicycle

An exhilarating biking trip through the small alleys and hidden markets of Bangkok’s China town. The very leisurely bike ride with plenty of stops to explain more about the fascinating part of town. We cross the river and bike around a quiet residential area with a lot of sights, sounds and smells that makes you discover the off the beaten track parts of Bangkok.

Pampering and shopping

Bangkok is well-known as a shopping paradise yet it’s not always easy to find your way through the vast choice of products and to ask around for that specific souvenir you were looking for. Our specially selected shopping assistant will help you finding the right shop for the unique item, whether it is shopping for fabrics in Indian town, old books and amulets, paintings, electronics or simply a few new dresses

A look into the Bangkok Art scene

Animated by a colourful and multi-cultural history, and rooted in ancient traditions of royal and religious culture (and body tattoos!), Bangkok’s art scene is vibrant and historically important. During this tour you will visit several modern art galleries and gain insights into the city’s contemporary scene.

Dining in the sky

Bangkok’s skyline offers fantastic views over the city that never sleeps and a dinner on one of the many rooftop restaurants is certainly an unforgettable event.