Central Thailand – Sukhothai

The centre of Thailand is a fertile area and known for the excellent farming techniques, good food and considered the cradle of the country. In this area, 2 kings from different empires decided in the 13th century to unite and create a new kingdom, present day Thailand. Sukhothai was the first capital city of Siam, and is a remarkable UNESCO Heritage site.

A visit to this central part of Thailand is essential to understand the essence of Thai culture – and the foundation of the old Siam.

The region invites for foodie excursions, sampling some home cooked food, leisurely bicycle rides through the villages and the historical park in Sukhothai, or the less visited sister city Sri Satchanalai. As agriculture is very important in this part of the country, it’s an excellent opportunity to test your farming skills and help out a local farmer for a few hours.

Sample itinerary: