South West Thailand Highlights

South West Thailand is just 2 hours away from Bangkok yet so different. A perfect blend of markets & boat rides, jungle & wildlife and sparingly quiet beaches

The must-do’s in this area

By All Means – Train, Canals and Coconuts

Start your day with a train ride through the outskirts of Bangkok, where industrial developments, (sub)-urban housing, migrant workers and daily life can be observed from the slowly moving train, literally stopping every few minutes. Get off the train, wander (and wonder) around the local fresh market, with some of the freshest products from the sea. Continue to Samut Songkhram and be welcomed by uncle Daeng, for a fresh coconut from his own garden and a little tour around his home by paddling boat before we change to a ride with a few more horsepower, visit a royal project and enjoy lunch in an organic pomelo farm – which you get to eat as much as you wish!

The must-do’s in this area

Wild Encounters – A Educational Wildlife Experience

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand has been doing an incredible job for many years in rescuing wild animals in need and providing a new home in a natural environment. You will get a better understanding on how not only be a wildlife enthusiast but also a wildlife-conscious traveller. Learn more about the organization’s efforts, which have helped thousands of animals. A very educational and eye-opening experience.

In the afternoon things will get a little bit more hands, visiting the elephant hospital, preparing some special snacks for these gentle giants and feeding them.

Nature Lover – Trek and Explore

Today will be a real adventure – your specialized wildlife guide will  be picking you up quite early from your hotel, as you surely don’t  want to miss the morning chores of the park inhabitants! Spend a morning in Thailand’s largest national park, with a high possibility of spotting one of the many animals, birds or other crawlers, while exploring the nature trails and stunning fauna that continues all the way to the Burmese border. Kaeng Krachan National Park was rewarded with the UNESCO Heritage status in 2021, honoring the park’s efforts in continuous nature conservation, with the help of more than 300 rangers. 


Ideal for families or any other water lovers. Get ready for a few hours adventure and nature in the surroundings of nature and go downstream the river on an inflatable raft. Possible all year round and suitable for anybody above 7 years old.

Elephant Jeep Safari

Kui Buri is the best National Park in Thailand to spot wild elephants, and it is almost certain you will encounter one of the gentle giants during your jeep safari today! Your knowledgeable guide will lead you through the park and make sure you will not miss any of the wildlife, as there is much more to see than ‘just’ the elephants. A great day for elephant and nature lovers.