Yangon highlights

the must-do’s

Spiritual Shwedagon

An intriguing half day tour of Shwedagon pagoda starting from the bottom of the hill and passing hidden alleys, markets and monasteries which will be essential to understand Buddhism, the pagoda and daily life of people living in the immediate surroundings of the most important pilgrimage place in Myanmar.

the must-do`s

Yangon Heritage walk

Yangon downtown is unique with much of its colonial-era architecture still standing. You find one of Asia’s most impressive collections of heritage building including the Secretariat; the former parliament building that is currently being beautifully restored. The walks it’s all about daily life in this heritage downtown area. 

In the footsteps of Bogyoke Aung San

Follow the footsteps of the life of Bogyoke (General) Aung San, the national hero who brought independence to Myanmar and his equally popular daughter in this history tour that includes his former residence and other places he made history and a lunch at his former office.

Traditional Cuisine-hopping for dinner!

Start this delicious evening with an empty belly as we dive into the culinary diversity in Yangon. Burmese cuisine is a fine amalgam of culture, food and flavor. Meet your guide for a restaurant-hopping journey, sampling appetizers, soups, and main courses prepared in the traditional styles of different ethnic groups.

Enjoy Yangon After the Sunset!

Do exactly what Yangonites do at the end of the day from the evening visit to the illuminated Shwedagon pagoda, a walk over the night market, tasting some great street food and a stop at a beer station.

Yangon’s hidden neighbourhoods

Mingle with the locals during an energetic trip to see lesser known parts of this vibrant city using public transport like train, ferry, trishaw and taxis covering locals markets, small workshops where pagoda accessories are made and finally cross the river to see “rural Yangon” to get a taste of local life.

The Magic of 1000 Oil Lamps

Participate in Mee Htun Bwe, a special ceremony of lighting 1000 oil lamps at the Shwedagon platform creating a magical and mystical atmosphere.

A look into the Yangon Art scene

Animated by a colourful and often turbulent recent history, and rooted in ancient traditions of royal and religious culture (and body tattoos!), Yangon’s art scene is vibrant and historically important. 

Yangon Nat Walk with Htwe Oo Puppet performance

Discover Yangon in its most mysterious yet superstitious way and learn more about the sprits that play an important role in daily life and religion. Visit an unknown temple and meet the master of puppetry himself in his living room for an intimate performance of Myanmar puppetry. 

Biking Tour: “Islands and Rivers”, by Uncharted Horizons Myanmar

Board the big ferry to Dala, across the Yangon River. We’ll be exploring the little visited neighborhoods and backstreets of Dala with bikes to catch a glimpse of the Delta, without heading out too far!

Yangon Explorer – interactive tabtour in Downtown Yangon

Ideal for families or a group of friends. Explore the Downtown of Yangon, its charming side alleys and hidden details. You will be equipped with a tablet PC and a uniquely developed app featuring challenges you need to solve on the way. This rally will engage you with local shop keepers, merchants and unique professions along the streets of Yangon

Asian inspired dinner prepared by Michelin star chef at the Seeds restaurant

eeds restaurant is the brainchild of Swiss Michelin Star Chef Felix Eppisser and his wife Lucia. Welcoming by a stunning view over Inya Lake you will enjoy culinary experience combined with personalized hospitality. 

Talk & Q&A with Ma Thanegi an accomplished writer & author on Myanmar

Meet with Ms Ma Thanegi (Burmese writer, food lover and former secretary of Aung San Suu Kyi). Originally a painter, she was closely associated to the opposition movement in the uprising of 1988 when she came to know many of the top players. She spent 3 years in the Insein Jail and published a book about the positive things she learned in prison.

Multiculturalism in Yangon – 8 places of worship

The Myanmar population consists out of more than a 100 different nationalities and races (who often preserved their own dialect, customs, food and religious backgrounds) Visit 8 different places of worship in a day and get a feel for the multi-ethnicity of this country.