Newsletter Oct 2020

Another update from Myanmar

Just after we moved into the renovated office last month, the second Covid-19 wave arrived in Myanmar and we worked for a few weeks from home. We’re back at the office and I would like to give you an update on what’s happening in Myanmar. 

Myanmar again at the top of the most charitable countries in the world

The report surveyed over 1.3 million people in 125 countries looking at three aspects of giving behaviour:

     · Helped a stranger

     · Donated money to a charity

     · Volunteered time to an organization

Covid news

Meanwhile the Myanmar government issued clear guidelines for the tourism industry how to make sure to operate safely for customers and staff. The Tourism National Guidelines for Covid 19 Safe Services were issued for hotels, restaurants, airlines, museums & temples, transportation companies, tour operators and guides. Operations are checked by the ministry of hotel & tourism together with local authorities from the ministry of health before they are allowed to re-open again. Do let us know if you want to receive a copy of the guidelines (30 pages in English). The government also started using the rapid Covid-19 test for truck drivers before being allowed on the Yangon – Mandalay highway. I personally do hope that eventually this rapid test will be used as well on arrival at Yangon airport.

Myanmar elections

People are worried about the spreading of Covid-19 during the elections and as a result it’s made possible for elderly people to vote in advance (and avoid the crowds). The government also made it possible to vote from the city people work (rather than their native town) to avoid too many people travelling.

New tour – Inle bike & bites by our sister company Grasshopper Adventures Myanmar

Once people start travelling again, I am confident travellers like to be outdoors and be active. I recently tested the new tour from our sister company Grasshopper Adventures Myanmar called Inle Bike & Bites.This biking tour is a half day exploration of the countryside around Nyaung Shwe while focussing on Shan food; both eating it and learning about the traditional production methods that are still in use in the area. It’s an easy ride that takes you from the back streets, through villages and out into the countryside, stopping frequently to try all kinds of local dishes and snacks led by our guide. Exploration Travel recently took over Grasshopper Adventures Myanmar and we want to expand the number of biking and trekking experiences all around Myanmar with good quality mountain bikes and experiential trekking. 

Lalay Lodge

More background on the country – what to read & watch

I hope my email gives you inspiration for Myanmar articles or updates to share with your clients. As always; do let us know if you need updated programs, pictures, videos etc. so you can continue to communicate about Myanmar with your clients. 


Edwin Briels

Managing Director Exploration Travel

Edwin Briels and his team have been creating experiences for travellers to Myanmar for over 20 years.  After working for companies as Balloons over Bagan and most recently Khiri Travel, Edwin Briels continuously finds new paths to travel and experiences to show clients the story of Myanmar and engages you in a fascinating journey through this country with the most welcoming people you will ever meet. 

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