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Covid news

The “second wave” is hitting Myanmar as well and there are about 1000 new Covid-19 cases discovered daily for the last 4 weeks and continuously about 20.000 active Covid-19 cases for the last weeks. The number of deaths continues to be relatively low (around 1600 deaths in total) since April – the vast majority people with pre-existing conditions. Some areas (for example Yangon) officially have a “stay at home” order and restaurants are closed. Other areas are relaxing a bit more and in Shan state the government re-opened restaurants since 16 November.

The good news is that the numbers don’t seem to increase very rapidly and are pretty much stable, good news as well is that people seem to recover quickly, death rates are low and the systems set up by the government (including quarantine centres etc. seems to work). Safety guidelines have been issued for hotels, transport, restaurants etc. in order to prepare for the time that we can re-open.

The million dollar question is when and how the government will slowly re-open and they are currently discussing the different scenarios. I personally expect the government is most likely to follow a scenario like Singapore with an slow opening of international travel firstly with test and quarantine on arrival, then without quarantine for people from certain Covid free destinations and eventually for everybody (possibly with a test on arrival or certificate of being Covid-free or being vaccinated).

We do get new enquiries for 2021 and we’re happy to send a proposal but won’t ask any deposits etc. till there is more clarity. 

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